Educational Testimonials

"Kitty has been visiting our school for approximately fifteen years, sharing her interactive educational programs with our students in seventh and eighth grade.  Her shows are filled with relevant historical information, authentic opportunities for students to experience what it was like to be living during those time periods and humor that engages students and teachers alike. We look forward to her visits each year and highly recommend Kit's Interactive Theatre to any school looking for meaningful programs to correspond with curriculum."

Suzanne Whalen - Vice Principal
Ramapo Ridge Middle School, Mahwah, NJ


"I would wholeheartedly recommend Kit's Interactive Theatre to any school that values a hands-on, engaging experience for their students.  From the moment she speaks, Kitty commands the interest of the students. They are having so much fun, they don't even realize they are learning wonderful facts about our nation's history.  We do many events like this at our school and Kit continues to be the most useful and engaging show we could bring to our students!"

Jeremiah Bennett - Principal
Linntown Elem. School, Lewisburg, PA


"Kit's Interactive Theatre is a highly engaging and educationally significant program for students.  Kit has been performing her Journey of an Irish Immigrant show for our 2nd grade classes for over 12 years.  A true testament to her valuable and informative program is when our graduating seniors joined the audience for Kit's performance this year.  Those seniors could recall, with great detail, just how meaningful Kit's program was to them when they were 2nd graders.  If one program can make that much of an impact on young minds, then you've achieved something remarkable."

Theresa Booz - Teacher
New Eagle Elem. School - Wayne, PA


"I have been a 5th grade teacher for 18 years and this performance was by far the best I have ever seen"

Kathy Shappell - Teacher
Schaefferstown Elementary School, PA


"By far, the best in-school program we have ever had for our fourth graders"

Todd Stapleton - 4th grade Teacher
Myers Corners Elementary - Wappingers Falls, NY


"Rave Reviews!!! Kit, you were truly the best performance we've had this year. Believe me, the staff and children are still talking about the fun they had, not to mention everything they learned from you about the two topics. I want to see you every year at our school, okay?"

Carolyn Harbison - Principal
Conestoga Elementary School - Lancaster, PA


"Kit's Interactive Theatre is one of the best interactive theatre productions I've ever seen. She has a real talent for weaving humor into her shows at all levels and an amazing versatility for adjusting her story to the often unpredictable behaviors of her audience. We look forward to having her back!"

Heidi Klinowoski - Educator
The Children's Museum of Science and Technology - Troy, NY


"Kitty - our entire school simply loved your performance. Excellent! Funny, engaging and one of the best we've seen!"

Silvia Henry - PTA Chairperson
Valley Cottage Elementary - Valley Cottage, NY


"An outstanding presentation! One of the finest we have seen!...Fabulous!"

Karen Razack - Head of Middle School
Kent Place School - Summit, NJ


"As a former teacher...who has seen many assemblies, this was definately one of the best! Never before have I seen 6th grade students come up to me after an assembly and ask if we could have another show! The shows were fun, entertaining and filled with facts and information that we'll all long remember... We do hope to get you back next year!!"

Ellen Altdoeffer - PTO President
Pequea Elementary School - Lancaster, PA