Pocahontas's Vision Quest

Virginia - 1616   Pocahontas's Vision Quest unveils the lifestyle of Native American tribes.  Their language, customs and traditions are explored by students and teachers.  Before Pocahontas sets off on her vision quest, her father, Chief Powhatan insists that she prepare properly.  A Native American folktale is shared, as well as as the friendship dance with John Smith (and the entire body of students).  Audience participants harvert the planting mounds (corn, beans and squash,and  Pocahontas's "bothers and sisters" test their bravery in a bat-filled cave.  She then plays a creative imagination game before she departs on her quest.

Pocahontas - is an historic Native American youth of the Powhatan tribe.  Her attire is comprised of leather skins, complete with moccasins, beads, fur and feathers.

Best for grades K - 3 

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