Journey of an Irish Immigrant

Liverpool - 1894  Journey of an Irish Immigrant follows the path of immigrant, Maggie McLaughlin and her sister, Annie as they make their way across the Atlantic.  The voyage begins in Liverpool, England with a demonstration of what items were commonly found in immigrants' trunks.  People left their homeland for various reasons.  An Italian family retells their story of life in rural Italy.  The program focuses on the harsh conditions of the boats and the courage it takes to sail across the ocean.  Though trans-Atlantic travel was challenging, Maggie and her sister engage a Russian family in a high-stepping Irish dance aboard the boat.  Once in America, the immigrants are then subjected to the rigorous examinations at Ellis Island.  As they embark on their new life in America, some of the newly arrived travelers face the prejudices encountered by many in "the land of opportunity."

Maggie McLaughlin - is a fictitious Irish woman emigrating from County Cork, Ireland.  She is in search of a richerr life in America.  Maggie is strong and hopeful as she confronts the exploitation and discrimination of her people upon her arrival.