One-Room Schoolhouse

New England - 1890s - The One-Room Schoolhouse program focuses on the values of a nineteenth-century education.  The experience is recreated by audience members with a bevy of fun throughout the show. 

Since living alone as a young woman would be socially unacceptable in the Victorian era, teacher Miss Mabel Weatherbee dwells in the home of the Lutz family.  Once the mandatory before-school chores are completed by Catharine, Elizabeth, and Andrew Lutz, they join Miss Weatherbee and neighboring children on their trek --either on foot or on horseback -- to the schoolhouse.  After getting aquainted with the room's layout, the subjects being studied, and the school supplies needed (such as a slate, chalk, wood, rags, lunch pail, and the like), the rules of the classroom are then spelled out by visiting schoolmarm, the stern Miss Gunther.  Following a clever recitation by her most promising pupil, Percy Freihofer, the Spring Jubilee unfolds with an exuberant square dance to complete the show. 

Miss Mabel Weatherbee - is a fictitious single woman from the South.  Her high-collared dress and hairstyle reflect the rigid Victorian norms of the day. 



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