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One-Room Schoolhouse

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New England - 1890s  The One-Room Schoolhouse program focuses on the values of a nineteenth-century education.  The experience is recreated by students and teachers with a bevy of fun role reversals throughout the show.

Since living alone as a young woman would be socially unacceptable in the Victorian era, teacher Miss Mabel Weatherbee dwells in the home of the Lutz family.  Once the madatory before-school chores are completed by Catharine, Elizabeth, and Andrew Lutz, they join Miss Weatherbee and neighboring children on their trek --either on foot or by horseback -- to the schoolhouse.  After getting aquainted with the room's layout, the subjects being studied, and the school supplies needed (such as a slate, chalk, wood, rags, lunch pail, and the like), the rules of the classroom are then spelled out by visiting schoolmarm, the stern Miss Gunther.  Following a clever recitation by promising pupil, Percy Freihofer, the Spring Jubilee unfolds with an exuberant square dance to complete the show.

Miss Mabel Weatherbee - is a fictitous single woman from the South.  Her high-collared dress and hairstyle reflect the rigid Victorian norms of the day.

Best for grades K - 8

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Mother Nature

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Mother Nature packs a powerful message with her depiction of the natural world. Combining ecology with mythology, Mother Nature and her friend, The Fairy Queen, teach the importance of preservation.  After being informed by the Fairy Queen that some "animal" is harming our ecosystems, Mother Nature heads off to [your town] to find the offending mammal.  Northeast habitats such as a pond, a forest and the sea shore are depicted using both indigenous animal and imaginary "fairy life".  Through stories, dance and improvisation, emphasis is placed on how humans impact various ecosystems and how conservation is our responsibility.

Mother Nature - the mythological Mother Nature passionately strives to maintain a balance in nature.  She is connected to the "fairy-world" and can see, hear and talk with water sprites, fairies and animals who inhabit the ecosystems in which we live.

Best for grades K - 3

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The Colonial Faire

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Pennsylvania - 1730's

The Colonial Faire is a really fun program based on the life of an indentured servant.  The show depicts the arduous life of early America as well as the revelry.  Though days of rest and merriment are few, today is the day of the Colonial Faire.  With the excitement of the faire on everyone's mind, villagefolk eagerly apply themselves to their work in order to enjoy the day.  Beginning with a list of chores already performed, servant Katie Cotswold invites the assistance of those around her to gather the dye for the wool, prepare the wool to be dyed (including carding) and make deliveries.  On her travels she encounters various townsfolk including French trapper - Jean Claude Guillaume, tavern-keep, Mistress Reinhardt and the Barnaby boys.  Finally, she is off to the village square to partake in the Faire.  A variety of colonial games are played by the folks from the village (students).  The day concludes with a rollicking and coloful Maypole dance.

Katie Cotswold - is a fictitious colonial woman.  As this is a day of merry-making, she wears her best yet simple colonial dress and servant's hat with an apron and black shoes.

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